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Bank financial management


This module concentrates on the principles of bank management of assets and liabilities. The module has an applied feel to it as it mainly focuses on the microeconomic problems of financial management of banking firms. 

You will learn about the principles of bank balance sheet management and money market operations as well as liquidity ratios and capital adequacy ratios. You will also study issues of bank supervision and regulation.

Topics covered

  • Unit 1 Banking Innovations and Risk
  • Unit 2 Bank Accounts: A Useful Tool if Handled with Care
  • Unit 3 Bank Valuation
  • Unit 4 Bank Risk Management – Liquidity Management
  • Unit 5 Bank Risk Management – Interest Rate Risk Management
  • Unit 6 Cost of Funds and the Funding of Operations
  • Unit 7 Bank Risk Management – Credit Risk
  • Unit 8 Capital Management


  • Two assignments (30%)
  • One three-hour examination in September/October (70%).