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Banking strategy


This module aims to give you a good understanding of the characteristics of the financial system and the role of intermediation, as well as the implications of recent structural changes for bank management and external corporate control. 

You will learn about banks' sources of funding and how the environment after the 2007–09 crisis transformed their funding choices.

The module also aims to provide an analysis of the factors that can contribute to success or failure in the execution of banks' mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, and the cultural challenges that may be crucial to the success of an M&A deal involving banks. 

Topics covered

  • Unit 1: Financial Intermediation – Dynamics and Governance Mechanisms
  • Unit 2: Strategic Drivers of Structural Change in Global Banking
  • Unit 3: Strategy and Strategic Positioning
  • Unit 4: Acquisition and Use of Funds
  • Unit 5: Banks' International M&A Deals
  • Unit 6: Managing Bank Risk
  • Unit 7: Business Models and Systemic Risk
  • Unit 8: Dealing with Regulatory and Compliance Issues


  • Two assignments (30%)
  • One three-hour examination in September/October (70%).