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This degree provides a foundation for advanced and independent study through establishing a common platform of essential knowledge and skills.

Focus is on the key issues currently facing professionals in marketing, advertising, and related fields. These issues include environmental sustainability, fair and equitable global economic growth, gender and racial equality, and ethical approaches to consumption.

You will gain an appreciation of the diverse, interdisciplinary nature of business administration and marketing, and also a range of conceptual, technical, quantitative and personal skills.

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As a graduate of this programme, you will be able to:

  • gain an understanding of the organisation, its functions, and the context of business leading to a multifaceted appreciation of marketing and other management disciplines
  • understand contemporary perspectives on marketing as a discipline and its implications for firms, industries and society
  • learn the strategic and operational facets of marketing set within the context of globalisation and its implications for the marketing manager and consumerism
  • gain the ability to analyse real-life problems facing actual businesses and evaluate the effectiveness and limitations of different marketing and management decisions and solutions.

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Succeed in management, strategy, design, and analyst roles as you build the leadership and interpersonal skills employers are looking for.

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