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Business Administration


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The BSc Business Administration equips you with critical and creative decision-making skills to help boost your career.

Study the BSc Business Administration from wherever you are in the world.

By studying this degree you will:

  • Gain a systematic understanding of management-related problems, and conceptual tools for analysing and evaluating management issues.
  • Understand more about the historical, political, cultural and institutional forces shaping modern business.
  • Engage with case material in a stimulating learning environment.
  • Gain the skills and competencies necessary for the development of your creative and decision-making capabilities.
  • Receive excellent preparation for careers in business and management.
  • Be able to tailor the degree in line with your future career aspirations by choosing a specialist pathway.

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Isabelle Morin BSc (Hons) Business Administration (Marketing), Seychelles

Isabelle Morin, BSc Business Administration (Marketing)

"I was able to develop and enhance my skills such as decision-making, writing, presentation and team work....also the opportunity to study from my own home."

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