Consumer behaviour and global marketing

Stage 3, optional (compulsory for Marketing pathway)

Students will explore sociological, anthropological and marketing issues of consumer behaviour, seeking to develop critical understandings of consumer behaviour that will hold relevance both inside and outside the domain of marketing practice.

The course will provide a high level of understanding of the theory and practice of global marketing and will enable students to develop insight into consumer behaviour in a global marketing context.

Topics covered

Consumer behaviour:

  • Consumer choice and consumer rationality
  • Perception  
  • Attitudes, beliefs and motivations
  • Situational influence    
  • Self-concept and identity  
  • Globalisation and consumption
  • Subcultures and brand communities
  • Gender and consumption
  • Social class and consumption
  • Ethics

Global marketing:

  • Understanding the global marketing environment and some selected dynamics
  • Understanding the socio-cultural environment
  • Approaching global markets.
  • Opportunity analysis and selection of markets
  • Global market entry strategies
  • Product decisions in global marketing
  • Branding decisions in global marketing
  • Pricing decisions in global marketing
  • Distribution decisions in global marketing
  • Communication decisions in global marketing

Learning outcomes

  • Assess and critically evaluate the factors, internally and externally influencing consumer behaviour
  • Critically evaluate the nature of consumption, markets and culture in specific contexts 
  • Critically evaluate the complexities of consumer behaviour in a global context 
  • Critically assess the scope and nature of marketing planning, practice and theory in a global context
  • Critically evaluate the suitability of marketing strategies in addressing the contemporary global business environment
  • Critically evaluate the complexities of marketing operations and strategies in diverse geographical markets


  • Essay [2500 word] (40%)
  • Three-hour written examination (60%)