Corporate and investment banking


From an investment banking point of view the module will provide the attendee with the skills needed to understand and make use of new investment vehicles and philosophies such as venture capital and private equity in order to have a full range of expertise to spend in the job and academic market.

Topics covered

  • Unit 1 The Role of Banks in Corporate Business
  • Unit 2 Corporate Banking: Lending
  • Unit 3 Money and Financial Management
  • Unit 4 International Banking
  • Unit 5 Risk Management
  • Unit 6 Structured Finance
  • Unit 7 IPOs, Listing services and Underwriting syndicate
  • Unit 8 M&A, Private equity and Venture Capital


  • Two assignments (30%)
  • One three-hour examination (70%).

Essential reading

  • Glen Arnold (2014) The Financial Times Guide to Banking, Harlow UK:Pearson Education Ltd.