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Corporate governance, audit and assurance


Corporate governance, audit and assurance sets out to establish a deep understanding of the arena of corporate governance and its links with audit and assurance. 

In any organisation, rules are implemented to govern the actions and practices of management teams.  Such rules and accompanying processes seek to make management teams accountable to others - funders and other stakeholders, for the actions they take. This requires a system of corporate governance. 

This module aims to develop an understanding of corporate risk management and how it links to compliance management and promotes effective corporate governance. 

It provides the knowledge and skills to ensure the design of a sound corporate governance system and the supporting audit and assurance process to mitigate and manage risks to the efficacy of that system. 

Topics covered: 

Main topics of the module include: 

  • Governance and responsibility. 
  • Stakeholder theories. 
  • Professional values, ethics and social responsibility. 
  • Assurance systems. 
  • Internal control and review through internal audit. 
  • Role of external audit. 

Learning outcomes: 

On successful completion of this module, you will be expected to be able to:  

  • Explain and critique the nature and purpose of corporate governance. 
  • Explain, contrast and discuss views on stakeholder theory. 
  • Explain and critique the nature and purpose of and issues in audit and assurance systems. 
  • Describe and evaluate internal controls, techniques and audit tests. 
  • Understand the purpose and significance of International Standards on Auditing (ISAs). 
  • Explain how recommendations in audit reports are implemented and reviewed.


  • Coursework: up to 3,000 words; weighted at 100%