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Data Visualisation

This module aims to equip you with a data visualisation skillset.

By taking this module, you will be able to gain access to a wide range of data sources, and then to transform this data into compelling visualisations and plots.

You will learn how to convert a data source into a visual story, where you will reveal and present the structure of the data. You will also learn how to publish your data visualisations on the web, such that your work is available to others. You will use a range of data visualisation tools, including interactive and animated graphing libraries.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to data visualisation
  • Data visualisation development tools and methods
  • Quantitative relationships, variables and types
  • Descriptive statistics 1: Univariate analysis
  • Descriptive statistics 2: Multivariate analysis
  • Time-series data
  • Geographical data
  • Groups and hierarchies
  • Connections and networks
  • Large and high-dimensional data


15 (150 hours)


  • Coursework item 1 (30%)
  • Coursework item 2 (70%)