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Dissertation - Climate Change and Development

The dissertation presents you with the opportunity not just to learn about a given subject, but to contribute to knowledge in your chosen area over a two year period.

Topics covered

The dissertation is fully supported by the Distance Learning team and a suite of resources specifically designed for the module.

Before you write the dissertation you learn to put together a research project utilising research design and methods. This includes sequencing of learning, planning and conducting research.

In year one you get to grips with what doing original research entails, formulating research questions, identifying data required and methods for acquiring data.

You produce a topic form and your supervisor is allocated based on that. You then submit an assessed proposal based on learning done around research with input from your supervisor.

In year two you move to the data collection stage, analysis and the write-up of your dissertation.

Learning outcomes

By completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Survey a body of literature and identify a research gap or, through critical and analytical engagement, find a shortcoming in its treatment of a particular theme or phenomenon.
  • Formulate the questions related to above.
  • Design research through which the data relevant to the research questions can be acquired.
  • Select the methods most relevant to and capable of producing the relevant data.
  • Organise the activities required to conduct the research in an effective and timely manner.
  • Analyse the data systematically, reporting findings and gauging the extent to which they answer the research questions and fill the gap originally identified.
  • Write a dissertation describing all of the processes that have led to the production of data intended to answer the research questions, reports upon the research findings and their implications, the extent to which they answer the questions, and identifies avenues for further research.


  • assessed proposal up to 4000 words worth 20%
  • 10,000 word dissertation worth 80%.