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Dissertation - Global Diplomacy

The dissertation provides you with the opportunity to develop an independent sustained piece of individual academic research.

The dissertation is the longest piece of analytic writing in the MA, and is comprised of 4 stages, taken individually throughout MA study. You will carry out in-depth and independent research in one particular area and engage in critical and sustained analysis.

This academic research is on your chosen topic within the field.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the dissertation, you will have gained:

  • the ability to demonstrate an in-depth critical understanding of the nature and development of global diplomacy, drawing on a variety of contributing disciplines in the broad field of International Studies. 
  • an advanced understanding of changes in diplomatic practices and procedures and the relationship of those changes to contemporary politics.
  • a sound grounding in both theoretical and empirical approaches to debates in international politics so that you have the competencies and skills to analyse global diplomacy relations using a mixture of theoretical and empirical tools.
  • a detailed knowledge of how issues concerning issues in global diplomacy in historical and contemporary contexts. By providing a thorough grounding in the subject, you are made aware of the importance of this topic to a sophisticated understanding of global diplomatic and political developments.


  • 2,500 research proposal worth 15% 
  • 15,000 dissertation proposal worth 85%

The pass mark is 50% from both elements, in line with the weightings described above.