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BD, DipHE, CertHE

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The study of religion provides an opportunity to consider questions which are of fundamental concern, both for individuals and societies - questions about the meaning and purpose of human life, and the values by which we live.

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Study the Divinity programme with academic direction from the University of London wherever you are in the world.

At Level 4, a course introducing you to the study of religion is complemented by modules covering key texts and traditions of the Abrahamic religions. At Levels 5 and 6 the choice of courses includes biblical languages and texts, texts in English, Christian history and doctrine, Buddhism, philosophy of religion, religion and science, and religion and global politics. Level 6 includes the dissertation course, which offers you the chance to focus in detail on a topic of your choice.

By studying this programme, you will:

  • gain a deeper understanding of individuals and communities who have been influenced by religious belief
  • examine your own answers to some of life’s important questions
  • be able to analyse texts and arguments
  • be able to produce clear written accounts of your knowledge and arguments.

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