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Final project

This module provides an opportunity to work individually on an extended project. You will be expected to develop an idea for software development or research project and then carry it out. It pulls together the streams of study, knowledge and practical skills gained in other modules into a single, long-form project.

In this module, you will undertake a substantial independent project that will allow you to demonstrate a wide range of skills such as project planning, management, research, software implementation, and written presentation.


30 (300 hours)


  • Project proposal (pass/fail)
  • Progress logs (5%)
  • Preliminary Project report (10%)
  • Project presentation video (5%)
  • Final project report and code (60%)
  • Final project exam (20%)

The final project will use formative assessment to help you to grasp the static information in the topics. 

The final project is summatively assessed using a series of deliverables and a written viva under exam conditions. The written viva is a two hour exam in which the questions relate to the project undertaken.