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Gender, Sexuality in Global Politics


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This online programme builds on experience within the fields of Gender, Conflict and the Middle East.

It provides a comprehensive understanding of the deployment of gender and sexuality in areas related to global politics. Informed by feminist approaches to knowledge production, International Relations, International Law, conflict resolution, peace-building, political participation, human rights, development and society the programme encompasses micro, meso and macro levels of analysis.

This unique interdisciplinary programme offers critical grounded knowledge of gender and sexuality in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, with a focus on the nexus between gender, sexuality and social, political and economic change and development.

The degree prepares students for jobs in government agencies, non-governmental organisations, UN bodies and international organisations. Taught by leading scholars and drawing on SOAS expertise in the Global South, the programme provides students with a non-Eurocentric approach to addressing key debates in the field.