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Global diplomatic concepts and models

This module provides an overview of the concepts and models that underpin Global Diplomacy.

The overarching aims of this module are to explore the conceptual dimensions of diplomacy. This entails engagement with different concepts of diplomacy from antiquity through to the modern world, and includes an assessment of issues that shape and influence the evolution of diplomacy. Particular attention will be played to the janus-faced character of diplomacy in shaping and being shaped by the society in which it exists. The influence of advances in technology for example and their adaption to crisis will be considered as they impact the development of protocol, practice and expectations of diplomacy.

Topics covered

  • Decolonising Diplomacy: Concept or Practice?
  • Gender and Diplomacy 
  • Diplomatic Law
  • Digital Diplomacy
  • Regional Diplomacies
  • Diplomacy for the Future

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • demonstrate an in-depth critical understanding of differing concepts of diplomacy. 
  • demonstrate a firm grounding in the theoretical schools of thought within diplomacy.
  • demonstrate detailed knowledge of issues shaping the development of diplomacy.
  • show a clear understanding of the likely trends in further evolution of diplomacy.


  • E-tivity 1 – Access and Socialisation 0%
  • E-tivity 2 – Library Information retrieval 5%
  • E-tivity 3 – Literature critique (directed) 5%
  • E-tivity 4 – Essay Proposal 15%
  • E-tivity 5 – Literature critique (bespoke) 5%
  • E-tivity 6 – An essay to be electronically submitted as final assessment 70%