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The global economy and multinational enterprise

Online taught

This module will provide an overview of the growth and development of the global economy during the twentieth century.

This module will examine the forces shaping the global economy and the institutions to which it has given rise, from the World Trade Organisation to the multinational enterprise (MNE).

Your understanding will be further aided by the introduction of relevant theoretical perspectives (economic, historical, management, geopolitical).

At the end of the module, you should be able to appreciate the genuine magnitude and significance of global economic forces and processes for national economies, industries and MNEs.

Topics covered

Main topics of the module include:

  • Changes in the structure of the global economy
  • Changes in global trade and investment patterns
  • The evolution, role and influence of key institutions of the global economy
  • The development, organisation and structure of multinational enterprises
  • Multinational enterprise activity in the host nation
  • Risks of internationalisation


  • Multiple choice question tests (30%)
  • Online examination (70%)