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Innovation and Supply Chain Technology

By adopting new technologies such as artificial intelligence, block chain technology, big data analytics and automation technologies, firms can gain competitive advantage. This module will provide an insight into how you can design, manage and improve innovation processes.

You will develop skills to identify the right time for market entry and innovation adoption; assess the need for strategic collaborations; and learn how to choose and evaluate innovation projects. Importantly you will examine how to create an innovation culture and lead innovation teams.


15 Credits


Coursework (30% weighting) - An individual report of 2500 words aimed at analysing the management of innovation for driving supply chain technologies and processes in a case example.

Examination (70% weighting) - A two-hour unseen written examination. The questions will be based on the topics covered in the module and through the assigned readings.

Pass Mark - To pass this module you must get a mark of at least 50% in each element of assessment, subject to the application of rules for compensation. Please see the programme regulations for more information.