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Innovation management BA3250

The course is structured in such a way to help you gain an understanding of different views which relate to the management of innovation and technology.


Strategic Management (BA2070)

Topics covered

  • The nature of the innovation management process
  • Classifying innovations.  in terms of the scale of the innovation and the area of the firm which it impacted. 
  • Examine literature to look at models of the innovation process. 
  • The managerial processes involved in designing new products.
  • How firms coordinate what may be a range of different NPD (New Product Design) projects and also how they manage this coordination within individual projects.
  • Defining what we mean by organisation and looking at some of the ideas behind organisation for innovation
  • Ideas about innovation which are related not to the structure of the organisation but to the underlying processes or activities which occur. 
  • The context of the innovation process, namely the role of links and alliances to other firms; and the national differences between countries. 
  • The role of national systems. The impact of government on the conditions for the innovation process is an established discipline. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module students should be able to:

  • Clearly distinguish between the various models
  • and facets of technology management.
  • Critically evaluate how various models of technology analysis can be used to assess competitiveness and inform managerial action.
  • Formulate and respond to differing technological scenarios at the firm level.
  • Make judgements about a particular technology strategy employed by an organisation and evaluate its effectiveness.


This module is assessed by a three hour unseen written examination.

Essential reading

  • Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market and Organizational Change (J Tidd, J Bessant)