Integrating management: business, leadership and innovation

Stage 3, compulsory (all pathways)

The course draws together the student's learning over the entire programme.

Having gained an understanding of the workings of key corporate functions in their prior courses, this course will increase students' understanding of the opportunities and challenges that arise from the external business context in the early 21st century.

Students will be expected to reflect on the leadership and innovation challenges in contemporary organisations as they apply to the core subject areas they have studied in their prior courses.

Topics covered

  • Introduction - the business context, reputation and responsible management in the 21st century
  • Introduction 2 – sustainability, responsibility and ethics
  • Implications of and for strategic management  
  • Implications of and for organisational structure and development
  • Implications of and for marketing
  • Implications of and for HRM
  • Implications of and for accounting and controlling  
  • Implications of and for business information systems  
  • Implications of and for international business and management
  • Implications of and for entrepreneurship
  • Innovation as a core business process
  • Building the innovative organisation
  • Design, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and innovation failure
  • Leadership and national culture
  • Developing an innovation strategy
  • Sources of innovation and innovation networks
  • Creating new products and services
  • Decision making and uncertainty leadership and change
  • Capturing learning and the benefits of innovation
  • Open innovation and collaboration

Learning outcomes

  • Critically assess and evaluate business and management activities
  • Critically evaluate key mega-trends that influence the firm’s external context in the early 21st century
  • Critically evaluate how these trends and leadership styles represent both opportunities and constraints for business
  • Critically assess the business context from the perspective of selected corporate functions
  • Critically assess social, environmental or ethical challenges that companies face and evaluate the firm's system for addressing these issues, suggesting appropriate courses of action
  • Critically evaluate the tensions between excellent innovation and leadership and organisational sustainability


  • Individual report [2500 words] (40%)
  • Three-hour written examination (60%)