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Interpreting management, market and consumption


This module introduces you to marketing in the context of interpreting management, as both an academic discipline and as practice.

In the first part, you will explore how and why marketing has and continues to develop.

Treating marketing as a practice includes assessing the application of marketing in various marketplaces. Meaning that the discourse of marketing has penetrated all sectors of the economy (private, public, and voluntary or not-for-profit). You will also examine the sustainability of marketing practices in an increasingly globalised consumer society.

The second part will develop your ability to understand and engage with management concepts, theories and practices. You also develop skills of critical thinking, reading and analysis in the interpretation of business and management activity.

Main topics of the module include:

Main topics of the module include:

  • The marketing system under capitalism
  • Brands and branding
  • Marketing beyond profit
  • Critical thinking, reading, analysis and organisation theory
  • Organisation theory
  • Modernist organisation theory.


  • Multiple choice question tests (30%)
  • Online examination (70%)