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Interpreting management, markets and consumption

Online taught

This module introduces students to marketing in the context of interpreting management, as both an academic discipline and as practice.

In ‘interpreting management’, you are encouraged to become reflective thinkers, exploring the challenges of managing organisations and critically analysing the impact of organisational and managerial policy and practice on the lived experience of employees.

In ‘markets and consumption’, you explore your lived experiences within a consumer society considering a broad range of issues including the role of marketing in society, the goods in our hands, and the retail environments that we visit.

Topics covered

Main topics of the module include:

  • Management and bureaucracy
  • Motivation and employee engagement
  • Management in diverse contexts
  • Marketing, consumption and space
  • Branding
  • Markets, ideology and gender


  • Multiple choice question tests (30%)
  • Online examination (70%)