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Introduction to computer science and programming specialisation

MOOC Specialisation

This specialisation covers topics ranging from basic computing principles to the mathematical foundations required for computer science. You will learn fundamental concepts of how computers work, which can be applied to any software or computer system. You will also gain the practical skillset needed to write interactive, graphical programs at an introductory level. The numerical mathematics component will provide you with numerical and computational tools that are essential for the problem solving and modelling stages of computer science.

There are a range of activities included in this specialisation that will enable learners to apply and develop their programming skills in a fun and engaging way. Learners will master the fundamentals of computer science by solving mathematical puzzles using interactive techniques, becoming a detective and solving crimes in an interactive sleuth application and apply computer science concepts to solve problems found in daily computer use.

There are 3 MOOCs in this specialisation:

You can access individual courses in this specialisation for free (in audit mode) or pay a monthly subscription fee to complete the full specialisation and receive your certification.

Man coding on a laptop
You will learn fundamental concepts and gain a practical skill set.

What you will learn:

  • Use the Javascript language to create interactive programs in the browser with 2D graphics.
  • 2Convert between number bases, work with modular arithmetic, sequences and series and plot graphs.
  • Develop and use mental models to describe the workings of a range of computer systems 

Skills you will gain:

  • Programming
  • Mathematics
  • Problem solving
  • Javascript
  • Computer graphics 

Recommended background:

  • High school mathematics
  • Enthusiasm for computing
  • Some programming experience will help

How the specialisation works:

A Coursera specialisation is a series of MOOCs that helps you master a skill. To begin, enrol on the specialisation directly, or review its MOOCs and choose the one you'd like to start with. 

To enrol, visit the specialisation page on Coursera.