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Introduction to information systems IS1060

This course is intended to provide a broad introductory understanding of information systems.

Topics covered

  • Information systems concepts
  • Information systems within organisations
  • Information and communications technologies
  • Systems development
  • Practical coursework

Learning outcomes

If you complete the course successfully, you should be able to:

  • Explain fundamental assumptions made in studying information and communications technologies in organizations as socio-technical systems in contrast to purely technical or managerial views
  • Debate the relevance of the sociotechnical approach and demonstrate this through the study of a number of practical business and administrative information systems within real organisations
  • Express a logical understanding of how the technical parts of computer-based information system work, their principal structures and components including contemporary technologies for information processing and communications
  • Explain the various functions of systems and network software and various classes of business-oriented application packages
  • Describe fundamental principals that can be applied to ensure that security and personal privacy is respected in information systems
  • Explain the tasks required when undertaking the establishment of a new information system and be able to contrast alternative approaches to development
  • Describe and justify a range of professional roles in information systems development activity, and their changing nature reflecting in part changes in technology use in and between organisations
  • Discuss the social, organisational, legal and economic context of computer use and be able to debate the significance of information and communications technologies on the economy and society
  • Demonstrate, through project work, understanding of the analysis and design of small projects using database and spreadsheet programs, and the ability to write brief but informative reports on such work.


An unseen written examination 75% (3 hrs) and coursework 25%

Essential reading

  • Laudon, K.C. and J.P. Laudon. Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Course information sheets

Download the course information sheets from the LSE website.