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Introduction to Islam

Level 4 - DT1155

This course provides an introduction to key themes in the study of Islam, a knowledge of which is essential for those wishing to gain an understanding of Islam and its cultural, social and political significance in the world today.

Topics covered

  • Islam’s beginnings
  • The role of the Prophet
  • The centrality of the Qur’an
  • Sects and schisms
  • Islam in practice
  • Islamic law
  • Islamic theological thinking
  • Philosophical traditions in Islam
  • Reformism and modernity


Forum participation (10%); a two thousand word essay (40%) and a 1.5-hour seen written examination (50%).

Tutor in the Study of Religions

Dr Carool Kersten

Dr Carool Kersten

Dr Carool Kersten is a Reader in the Study of Islam and the Muslim World. He specializes in political Islam and the intellectual history of the modern Muslim world, as well as Islam in Southeast Asia. Dr Kersten is the author and editor of eleven books. He is also a founding member of the British Association of Islamic Studies (BRAIS), serving on the council and advisory board.