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Introduction to Virtual Reality


Designed for new users, this course introduces you to the basics, hardware, history, applications and the challenges of Virtual Reality.

About this course: Introducing you to everything from the basics of VR- the hardware and the history of VR- to different applications of VR, the psychology of Virtual Reality, and the challenges of the medium.

The course is designed for people who are new to VR as a medium. You may have experienced some virtual reality before, and may have some hardware - but this course is suitable to individuals who have never experienced VR and those who do not have much hardware - we will explain Mobile VR as well as devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Introduction to Virtual Reality is the first course in the Virtual Reality Specialisation. A learner with no previous experience in Virtual Reality and/or game programming will be able to evaluate existing VR applications, and design, test, and implement their own VR experiences/games using Unity by the end of the specialisation.

Using a MacBook during lecture
Interact with your peers and get feedback on your project in development.