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Law and regulation of electronic finance and internet banking


Gain a grounding in the legal and regulatory issues concerning electronic banking and finance in different jurisdictions. This includes the attendant laws and regulations of the UK, EU and United States relating to banking and securities.

Topics covered

  • Unit 1 Introduction to internet banking
  • Unit 2 Banking Law in the United Kingdom (England and Wales) and the United States Applicable to Electronic Banking
  • Unit 3 Cross-Border Establishment or Provision of Banking Services in the European Union
  • Unit 4 Prudential Regulation of Banking
  • Unit 5 Securities Activities on the Internet
  • Unit 6 Prudential Regulation of Securities Activities
  • Unit 7 Marketing and Delivering Financial Services over the Internet
  • Unit 8 Consumer Privacy and the Internet and Whistleblowers


  • Two assignments (30%)
  • One three-hour examination in September/October (70%).