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Marketing research and digital consumer culture


This module examines marketing research and digital marketing, including societal issues relating to privacy and surveillance.

The first part of marketing research is examined to ensure that you understand the nature and scope of marketing research. You also examine its role in supporting the design and implementation of successful marketing decisions.

You learn to design and produce research that is actionable and relevant to marketing decisions. You are also made aware of the wider societal issues raised relating to privacy and surveillance.

The second part of the module focuses on digital marketing. It presents the frameworks and models that are relevant to digital marketing practice, their supporting technologies as well as broader phenomena related to the mediaisation of everyday life.

Main topics of the module include:

Main topics of the module include:

  • Planning research: defining problem, brief and proposal
  • Secondary data: nature and sources
  • Managing data collection
  • Fundamentals of digital marketing (DM)
  • DM and consumer culture
  • DM strategy & implementation.


  • Multiple choice question tests (30%)
  • Online examination (70%)