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Multinational enterprise BA3220

Half course

This course aims to ‘demystify’ the MNE by providing insights into a range of core issues.


Strategic Management (BA2070)

Topics covered

  • Why MNEs matter and core concepts 
  • The history of MNEs
  • Why MNEs exist
  • The issues of structure and strategy
  • The internationalisation process 
  • Cooperative structures and strategies
  • The economic impact that MNEs have on their host economies 
  • Why MNEs sometimes commit unethical acts, are they always culpable and how are they monitored and policed?
  • The place and role of the MNE in a globalising world

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module students should be able to:

  • Critically evaluate and apply alternative definitions and measures of multinationality
  • Critically evaluate theories of the MNE
  • Set out and account for historical trends in FDI and MNE activity
  • Set out and account for the broad pattern of structures and strategies adopted by MNEs
  • Compare and contrast alternative modes of overseas expansion
  • Critically evaluate the impact of MNEs on home and host economies
  • Critically evaluate the relationship between MNEs and other actors, including national governments
  • Critically evaluate the role played by MNEs in the global economy
  • Present and argue your case with clarity, accuracy, and precision, making using of relevant evidence and providing academic references to an appropriate standard.


This module is assessed by a two hour unseen written examination.

Essential reading

  • Multinationals & Global Capitalism: From the 19th to the 21st C (Jones G.)
  • Transnational Management (Bartlett C. & Beamish P.)