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BA, DipHE, CertHE

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For thousands of years, people have asked fundamental questions about the world, their place in it, and their relation to each other. These questions, and the attempts to answer them, define the subject matter of philosophy. Our degree is a profound intellectual negotiation of this exciting and fundamental enterprise.

Study Philosophy with academic direction from Birkbeck, University of London, wherever you are in the world.

By studying this programme, you will:

  • Challenge yourself and improve your powers of reasoning and argument.
  • Improve your ability to analyse complex ideas, your understanding of people, and your capacity for original thought.
  • Discover historical and contemporary issues in the subject and make connections between the ideas and arguments that inform philosophical debates.
  • Study a range of philosophical works from the classical past to present day. Our subjects include existence and reality; knowledge and belief; mind, thought, reason and logic; truth and meaning; and the ethical and aesthetic values of goodness and beauty.

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London Philosophy Talk Podcast

Dr Florian Steinberger, Programme Director for the BA Philosophy programme, discusses a range of philosophical topics with experts in the field.

Steve Mah, BA Philosophy, Canada

Philosophy student Steve Mah, Canada

"Philosophy builds invaluable critical thinking skills, as it calls even our most basic assumptions into question."

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