Portfolio and fund management


Increasing polarization of the income distribution and a prolonged period of low (and decreasing) interest rates are main characteristics of the current financial framework.

The module is aimed at actual and perspective banking sector operators focusing on both technical skills in portfolio and investment management and personal skills in managing the relationship with the investor which is crucial to the private bankers dealing with HNWIs.

Topics covered

  • Unit 1 Financial Planning, Financial Instruments, Risk and Return
  • Unit 2 Financial Intermediaries and Investment Companies
  • Unit 3 Stock Markets and Benchmarks
  • Unit 4 Optimal Portfolio Selection
  • Unit 5 Behavioural Finance
  • Unit 6 Technical Analysis
  • Unit 7 Passive and Active Portfolio Management
  • Unit 8 The Evaluation of Portfolio Performance


  • one three-hour unseen written examination (70%)
  • two tutor marked assignments (30%)