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Postgraduate Laws LLM

LLM, PGDip and PGCert

Available to study anywhere in the world

Our world-class, flexible Postgraduate Laws programmes are designed for UK and international students, of diverse backgrounds and educational levels, with enthusiasm to learn and achieve a postgraduate law qualification. You can study flexibly at your own pace, over a period of 1-5 years. You can achieve your LLM even without a prior degree, via three entry points, namely the Postgraduate Certificate, the Postgraduate Diploma, and the LLM. Wherever you start, you can pick up three specialist awards with or without specialisation. For each of the three awards, you can select from 68 courses and achieve a general award, or an award from our 32 specialisations. 

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Hear from our graduates about why they chose the University of London’s online LLM.

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Which point of entry should I choose?

You decide which level you enrol at and where to exit.   

Your point of entry is determined by your entry qualifications but does not set your exit award. It is your choice to leave the programme with a PGCert, PGDip and LLM qualification - or all three! You can collect all three qualifications as you wish, provided you complete within a maximum of five years. 

If you begin with the Postgraduate Certificate, you can still progress to the LLM by completing the requirements for each award and working upwards. You simply complete the additional modules necessary to achieve the next award. Please see in the table below:

Postgraduate Certificate 

Postgraduate Diploma 


5 modules

10 modules

16 modules from four courses

You must finish each award for which you are registered before moving on to the next, but transition is seamless and automatic. 

Programme details

Kashmir Harbans Singh: It was always my dream to undertake the LLM with the University of London, and the journey was truly a fulfilling one. The rich, broad range of specialisations offered, and flexibility in progression enabled me to map out my studies around and in line with my career trajectory. Many thanks to Professor Helen and team, for handling the LLM programme exceptionally well and reaching so many people around the world, who like me, have great aspirations to further their studies.

Kashmir Harbans Singh

Kashmir completed their LLM programme in October 2021, and is now working as a lecturer in law at the Advance Tertiary College in Kuala Lumpur.

Marie Zakka: The LLM I studied met my expectations. It provided me with incredible opportunities, especially at a professional level. It also gave me the possibility to embark on another more ambitious academic adventure, that I am working on, a PHD in Artificial Intelligence. When facing a problem you can be sure that you will not be left alone, the University Of London will stand by your side wherever you are in the world.

Marie Zakka

Marie completed their LLM programme in 2019, and is now a lawyer member of the Beirut Bar Association. Additionally, they are also a lecturer and Academic Coordinator at Université La Sagesse in Lebanon.

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