Privatisation and public-private partnerships


This module focuses on the relationship between the public and the private sectors of the economy. Its perspective will take as given the range of activities in which a state is involved, and we will focus our attention on how provision of the relevant goods, services and infrastructures is made.

Topics covered​​

  • Unit 1 Defining Public-Private Relationships
  • Unit 2 The Size and Institutional Framework of Public Procurement
  • Unit 3 Designing Public Procurement
  • Unit 4 Concessions of Public Assets
  • Unit 5 Public-Private Partnerships (PPP): Principles
  • Unit 6 PPP Case Studies
  • Unit 7 Privatising Public Assets
  • Unit 8 Privatisation Case Studies


  • one three-hour unseen written examination (70%)
  • two tutor marked assignments (30%)