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Professional Accountancy


Available to study anywhere in the world

This programme is aimed at career minded finance professionals who want to stand out from the crowd and complement their professional skills with master’s level understanding and skills applied to accountancy and finance subject areas.

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The programme uses Icarus, an award-winning experiential learning tool developed by UCL School of Management academics.

The programme is available to those who are a member of a listed professional accountancy body.

By studying this programme students will:

  • develop an advanced understanding of financial models and management techniques.
  • understand complex models and concepts underpinning financial decisions that underpin assumptions of value creation within organisations.
  • understand the complex internal and external relationships for organisations when management make decisions.
  • be able to assimilate, identify and critically appraise data used for financial decisions at a strategic level in organisations.
  • identify and evaluate options to solving business issues, developing team work and leadership skills through simulated real-world business and management situations.

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