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Project report - Infectious diseases


This module aims to provide students with an opportunity to propose, plan and conduct a piece of original research, to gain specialist knowledge in a self-selected subject area.

It is an option for students on the MSc Infectious Diseases course.

It provides the opportunity for exploring and analysing a real problem in an area related to infectious diseases and to apply techniques and approaches that have been covered in the course.

The student should then be able to communicate and discuss their findings by producing a final written project report. The final report will be assessed on a student’s ability to apply methods and concepts to carry out a thorough, rigorous piece of academic work.


45 [450 hours]


Formal assessment of this module is by submission of one written report up to 10,000 words. If students fail the module overall, they are allowed one further attempt at the failed assignment.

For full information regarding this module please see the module specification.