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Religion and science

Level 6 - DT3030

This course aims to explore the multiple relationships between religion and science in the light of the cutting-edge developments in science and technology which are reshaping our lives.

Topics covered

Section A

  • The relations between religion and science
  • Problematic models of these relations: New Atheism and intelligent design

Section B

  • A key historical dispute: Galileo
  • The idea of scientific method
  • Cosmology and the Anthropic Principle
  • Teleology and biology
  • Neuroscience and the evolutionary psychology of religion
  • Religion and technology 1: Robotics
  • Religion and technology 2: The ethical implications of life extension
  • Faith and the crossing of biological boundaries.


Forum participation (10%); a two thousand word essay (40%) and a 1.5-hour unseen written examination (50%).

Tutor in Interfaith Relations

Dr Shanon Shah

Dr Shanon Shah - Tutor in Islam

Dr Shanon Shah holds a doctorate in the sociology of religion from King’s College London. He previously lectured in religious studies there and at the University of Kent.