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Religions in relationship

Level 6 - DT3055-02

In this module, students will be offered an opportunity to examine a range of key interactions between the five main world religions – clashes of beliefs and values, the historical events to which these have given rise, and ways in which difficulties, actual and potential, might be resolved.

Topics covered 

  • Introduction to the study of religions in relationship
  • Christian-Jewish relations in the New Testament
  • Later Christian responses to Judaism
  • Franz Rosenzweig on Judaism and Christianity
  • Contemporary Jewish responses to Christianity
  • Jewish-Muslim relations, geopolitics and scriptural interpretation
  • Christian-Muslim relations: Legacies of Christian responses to Islam
  • Muslim-Christian relations: Legacies of Muslim responses to Christianity
  • Hinduism and interfaith relations: Responding to Eurocentrism
  • Buddhism and interfaith relations: Complicating the definition of ‘religion’


Forum participation (10%); a two thousand-word essay (40%) and a 1.5-hour unseen written examination (50%).

Tutor in Interfaith Relations

Dr Shanon Shah

Dr Shanon Shah - Tutor in Islam

Dr Shanon Shah holds a doctorate in the sociology of religion from King’s College London. He previously lectured in religious studies there and at the University of Kent.