Research methods - finance


Research plays an essential role in business and in public policy and management. This module concentrates on helping you develop a rigorous understanding of the key principles and practice of research that are needed to get a research project up and running.

Whether you are studying this module in order to carry out research in your professional role, to commission and project-manage research conducted by others or to complete a dissertation for your MSc qualification, your ability to appropriately and rigorously design, execute report, and evaluate research is essential.

Topics covered

  • Unit 1 The Nature of Research
  • Unit 2 Planning and Designing Research
  • Unit 3 Reviewing the Literature and Making Methodological Choices
  • Unit 4 Data
  • Unit 5A Interviews, Focus Groups and Surveys
  • Unit 5B Introduction to Data Analysis I
  • Unit 6A Fieldwork and Observation
  • Unit 6B Introduction to Data Analysis II
  • Unit 7 Validity and Reliability
  • Unit 8 Writing and Presenting Research


  • Two assignments (30%)
  • One three-hour examination in September/October (70%)

Essential reading

  • Gill, J & P Johnson (2010) Research Methods for Managers, 4th Edition, Sage.
  • McMillan, K & J Weyer (2011) How to Write Dissertations and Project Reports, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall