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Research project 1: foundation

Providing you with an opportunity to plan and prepare for your project, and understand the practical and professional requirements of the research.

This module aims to provide students with an opportunity to properly plan and prepare for their project, including the understanding of the practical and professional requirements of the research. This includes the demonstration of the required ethical research standards, and the appropriate approval of the research by a Research Ethics Committee.

Topics covered

Main topics include:

  • All areas of professional research conduct in psychology, in particular the evaluation of research design and the ensuring of ethical standards
  • Students will be given a choice of research themes, and (with suitable support and resources from the researcher leading the theme), will develop and demonstrate understanding of the proposed research by completing a detailed research plan for their chosen theme.

The plan will include detailed explanation of:

  • how professional standards will be met (including ethical approval, consent and data storage), and 
  • how the research will proceed (including research and sampling design, research materials, data collection and analysis plans).

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module, you will be expected to:

  • Critically explore and review literature relevant to the research project.
  • Formulate, justify and communicate a robust and focussed question of interest.
  • Plan and justify an appropriate research methodology to answer the question of interest.
  • Examine and apply the ethical implications of good research practice.


  • Coursework (100%) [Pass/Fail]