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Research project in Livestock Health and Production


The objective of this module is to enable the students to conduct a research project and prepare a scientific paper for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Pre-requisites / co-requisites

You are strongly encouraged to study Research design, management and grant application writing [LVM014] prior to undertaking the Research project [LVM200]. The Research project [LVM200] is only available to MSc students and not as a 240 hour Individual module.

Topics covered

Students are given guidance and supervision from a distance in the following:

  • Deriving a suitable hypothesis to base the research project
  • Writing a critical literature review
  • Designing the appropriate study with experimental and statistical details
  • Costing the project and conducting experiments
  • Managing the project to obtain relevant data
  • Documenting and analysis of results to achieve a conclusion
  • Selecting an appropriate scientific journal to publish the findings
  • Preparing a paper for publication according to author guidelines of the selected journal.


The Research project (MSc degree only) is assessed by the production of a paper suitable for publication in an identified scientific journal (80%) and an oral examination (20%).

The research proposal will not form part of the final assessment. However, if you do not submit a research proposal we will not allow you to carry out the Research project.