Retail banking and household finance


This module has been developed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to manage the financial needs of households. 

It is intended for professionals and academics, both practicing and aspiring, providing user-friendly technical tools for increased efficiency and effectiveness in your day-to-day professional life.

Topics covered

  • Unit 1 Household Wealth and Risk Preferences
  • Unit 2 Household Portfolio Decisions: Allocation and Rebalancing
  • Unit 3 Prospect Theory, Retirement Planning, and Financial Literacy
  • Unit 4 Retail Banking: Banking Products and Channels
  • Unit 5 Retail Lending and Household Borrowing
  • Unit 6 Retail Banking Competition
  • Unit 7 Relationship Lending
  • Unit 8 Private Banking


  • one three-hour unseen written examination (70%)
  • two tutor marked assignments (30%)

Essential reading

  • Pond K (2017) Retail Banking. 4th Edition. Hastings, UK, Gosbrook Professional Publishing.