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Examination centres

Contact details for our worldwide network of approved examination centres are available in the Where to make your entry page. You will find the following information:

  • Students sitting in Singapore
  • Students sitting in London
  • Worldwide Centres
  • USA and North America Centres.

Wherever they are held, all examinations take place on the same dates and at the same (local) times in line with the published timetables.

Some centres have permission to vary the start time for examinations slightly. Contact your exam venue to check the local arrangements.

Examination centre fees

You will be charged an examination centre fee in addition to the University examination entry fee. The centre will usually ask for this fee in advance.

We have no influence over the amount charged locally and we are not responsible for the collection or refund of these fees. Details of fees may be obtained directly from the centres.

If you sit your exams in London, the centre fee is added to the examination entry fee and is payable in advance of the examinations.

London Centre fee increase

The fee we charge students who sit their exams with us in London has increased to £94. If you have a question, please contact us through the student portal.