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Examination entry and deadlines

Follow the instructions below to enter for your examinations. You can also find the entry deadlines for your programme.

You should think carefully before you enter for examinations. You should not enter if you are not ready to take the examinations or if paying for them is a problem.

You will only be permitted to sit examinations in certain sessions depending on the programme you are registered for.

Check your Programme Regulations for details when your examinations will take place each year, and contact us if you not sure.

Timetables for each programme will be published as soon as they become available. You can find contact details for on where to take your assessment at the exam centres.

In most cases, you will need to pay a separate fee directly to the centre to cover their costs. This is in addition to the examination entry fee you must pay to us.

Students sitting in all centres (except Singapore and London)

You must contact your centre to check for any specific local instructions and deadlines for entry.

You will receive notice that online entry is open by email.

  • Access the entry task using 'My Account', then 'Assessment' on the Student Portal homepage.
  • Download your entry form and submit it to your centre for their records.
  • Keep a copy for your own records.
  • Pay all centre fees by any local deadlines set.

If the centre accepts your entry, it will issue you with a single validation code. Each code is unique and can only be used once.

When you have your validation code, return to the online entry task.

  • Enter your validation code.
  • Make your entry.
  • Pay our examination entry fee if applicable.

You must complete this part of the task in order to make your entry. The centre will not forward your entry to us on your behalf.

You should not send hard copies of forms to us unless your centre tells you to.

Students sitting in London

If you are sitting in London, you will not need a validation code. You will bypass this part of the online entry task.

The London examination centre fee is £70 per paper. This is charged in addition to your examination entry fee.

Students sitting in Singapore

There are special arrangements for students sitting in Singapore.

Contact the RELC Examinations Bureau as soon as possible for instructions on how to make your examination entry.

Admission Notices

You will receive your Admission Notice 3-4 weeks before your first examination. This confirms your entry.

It contains important information such as your candidate number and the dates, times and venues for your examinations.

Contact us if you have not received your notice ten days before your first examination in the session.

Please note

Some centres may deviate from these procedures. You should always follow the advice given by the centre and contact us if you are in any doubt.

You can raise a query within the entry task or by using the ‘ask a question’ tab on your Student Portal homepage.

Cancelling your examination entry or London centre fee payments

You may cancel your examination entry or London centre fee payments up to 14 days after payment by informing us through the Student Portal. Check your centre's refund policy in relation to their fee.

You must contact your centre now to check on any specific local instructions and deadlines for entry.

Exam entry and deadlines dates

A full list of entry and deadline dates are available for our programmes.