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Requesting a transcript

The Transcripts Office can advise on how to obtain a copy of your University of London academic record. Please read the following advice before making contact.

The Transcripts Office offers the following services:

  • General enquiries relating to transcripts
  • Award confirmation
  • Production and despatch of hard copy and/or soft copy transcripts
  • Confirmation of awards or despatch of soft copy transcripts to third parties such as employers or other Higher Education providers

The process for obtaining documents

If you studied as an internal student at one of the University of London’s colleges or federation members, please contact us for further information.

When contacting us please include the following information:

  • Full name (at time of graduation)
  • College attended
  • Date of award
  • Title and subject of qualification
  • Qualification level and classification
  • Date of birth.

After checking this information, we will either send you the relevant forms to complete or will advise you who to contact within the college or federation member you attended.

If you studied as an external student or through the University of London distance learning programmes (formerly International Programmes), please follow the procedures outlined below to apply for a transcript.

World Education Services (WES)

If you are a former student of the University of London, whose records we hold, the University Central Office can normally upload documents directly to WES.

There is an administrative fee payable for the provision of this service; this is the same standard fee as for the documents requested.

External, University of London Worldwide and Distance Learning Students

What you need to do:

  1. Submit your application (see below) for official documents in the usual way, ticking the boxes on the application form for the documents you require to be uploaded
  2. Write WES on your form, in the address box on the second page (Section 10)
  3. Supply your WES reference number or WES Form
  4. Pay the standard administrative fee for the document(s) to be uploaded
  5. Email your application form which includes a WES reference number or WES Form, Fees Slip along with any deadlines to Transcripts

Internal or on-campus college students

If you require transcripts to be sent to World Education Services

The specific college or institute, rather than the Central Offices of the University of London, should hold your Transcripts. The holder of the record usually provide documents directly to WES. Please check with your college or institute in the first instance.

If you require a Certified Copy of the Certificate or Letter of Certification to be sent to World Education Services please check with the University of London Transcripts Office regarding your record(s). If we hold details, we should be able to supply a fresh document for upload to WES.

When you write to us, please list the following:

  • Your full name at the time of your education
  • Your date of birth
  • Your title
  • Level of qualification, plus start and end dates of study
  • The name of the college attended

Fees and how to make a request