Data Science - structure

Graduate Diploma

New data is being produced at an exceptionally fast rate across the world. It’s the role of data scientists to make sense of this information and create accurate predictions, treatments and services tailored to individuals. 

Data science is a significant subfield in computer science which has seen rapid growth in recent years as companies and institutions have begun to gather data at scale across many sectors. Data science has many application areas ranging from medicine to climate science and business analytics.

By studying this Graduate Diploma you will be able to: 

  • demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of the main areas of computer science and also demonstrate the ability to apply this to the evaluation of computing applications.
  • apply a critical understanding of essential concepts, principles and practices of computer science in the context of well-defined scenarios, using structured arguments based on subject knowledge to justify the selection and use of tools and techniques.
  • analyse, design and develop a system, with appropriate documentation.

To gain a Graduate Diploma (Data Science), you must complete:

  • three core modules
  • three compulsory modules
  • one Final Project