Qualifications for entrance

We accept qualifications from around the world. The list below is a guide to what we will accept from your country.

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We accept qualifications from around the world. See an indicative list of what we accept from your country.

The value of each qualification is indicated with an O, A, S or G


  • O - Equivalent to GCSE/GCE O level.
  • A - (or AS) is equivalent to GCE A/AS level.
  • S - satisfies the specific requirements for a named course or the specific and the General Entrance Requirements for a named course.
  • G - satisfies General Entrance Requirements as a whole. You may still require course-specific requirements (e.g. Mathematics) plus English language proficiency.

Qualification for entrance

Please choose your country from the list.

We do accept many awards that are not listed here, such as non-listed school qualifications,  diplomas and professional awards. For practical reasons, we are unable to list every acceptable award.


Qualifications that satisfy the General Entrance Requirements do not necessarily meet further specific course requirements. Specific course requirements are considered separately and may not appear here

Overlapping rule: the same subject cannot be used twice for admission purposes. For example, if you have a GCSE / O level and a GCE A level in Geography, we count the subject once for admission purposes.

Where applicable, acceptable Mathematics/Science subjects include Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Higher Mathematics, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Functions, Physics, Psychology, Science & Statistics – other subjects will be considered on a case by case basis.

Acceptable institution: this means acceptable to the University of London.

Please note: this list is for guidance purposes. We reserve the right to amend it at any time.

If you require further information about any of the above, please contact us.