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The University of London is a unique federation of seventeen independent higher education institutions, delivering world-leading education and research across all disciplines.

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As a student or member of staff at one of our federation members, you have access to a range of resources and facilities through the University of London.

History of the University of London federation

The University of London federation began in its earliest form in 1836, after the University was awarded its first Royal Charter. At that time, the University of London acted as a degree-awarding examination board for students from two colleges - University College London and King’s College London - but in 1900 was reconstituted into the federal structure we recognise today.

Over the past two centuries, the University of London federation has grown and changed, but the core purpose of collaboration and delivering some of the UK’s best higher education and research has remained the same. Our federation members are all independent institutions in their own right and vary widely in size and subject, but all offer the world-leading education that the University of London federation is known for.

Collectively, the federation’s impact on London is great. Located across the city, our members are embedded in their communities, shaping local areas and contributing to local economies through their focus on civic engagement.

Today, the University of London federation represents one of the largest and most diverse student bodies in the world, with over 250,000 students from 190 countries.

Federation map

The map depicting the University colleges was created in 1937 by Donald Gill, brother of Eric Gill, and includes all the federation members that made up the University of London at that time.

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