Games Development - structure

Graduate Diploma

Gaming is a world entertainment phenomenon. The global games market is currently valued at $137.9 billion, by 2021 it’s expected to be worth $180 billion (Source, Newzoo). This degree is specifically designed for those who want to be at the forefront of the thriving gaming world, creating software tailored to games development. 

Video games are a critical application area for computer science, and the games industry forms a significant part of the creative economy. It is a complicated subject, drawing on other areas such as computer graphics, interaction design and artificial intelligence.

By studying this Graduate Diploma you will be able to: 

  • demonstrate a sound understanding of the main areas of games development, with an ability to exercise critical judgement to the evaluation of games development applications.
  • apply a critical understanding of essential concepts, principles and practices of games development, and critically evaluate the results.
  • demonstrate the ability to produce a substantial piece of work from problem inception to implementation and documentation.

To gain a Graduate Diploma (Games Development), you must complete:

  • three core modules (totalling 45 credits)
  • three compulsory modules (totalling 45 credits)
  • a compulsory project (totalling 30 credits)


Compulsory modules

You must complete three compulsory modules.

One 30 credit project