Institute in Paris
Dr Giovanni Menegalle Teaching Fellow in French Studies and International Politics
Teaching Fellow in French Studies and International Politics


MPhil in European Literature and Culture (Cambridge); PhD in French (Cambridge); British Academy Research Fellow (King’s College London). 

Summary of research interests and expertise

  • Intellectual History  
  • History of Political Thought 
  • Contemporary Philosophy 
  • Cybernetics  

My research centres on the intellectual history of 20th-century France, with particular focus on the post-war period and the intersection between philosophy and science. My current research looks at the reception of cybernetics and information theory, and I continue to pursue work on themes surrounding the subject of my doctoral thesis on Derrida and phenomenology, including a forthcoming article on Derrida’s reading of Leibniz. I have an on-going interest in the epistemological foundations of modern politics and its shaping by paradigms of order and control drawn from the biological and technological domains.    


  • (Forthcoming) ‘Two Regimes of Logocentrism,’ Angelaki 28(5) (2023);
  • (Forthcoming) ‘Signs of Life: Derrida and Fink on Indication,’ Oxford Literary Review 45(2) (2023);
  • (Forthcoming) ‘Canguilhem, Simondon, and the Resolution of Problems,’ Paragraph 47(1) (2024);
  • ‘Beyond Presence: Derrida’s Fidelity to Husserl in Politics of Friendship,’ in Derrida’s Politics of Friendship, ed. by Luke Collison, Cillian Ó Fathaigh, and Georgios Tsagdis (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2021), pp. 68-78.