Institute in Paris
Eleanor Clarke, Administrative Assistant
Eleanor Clarke, Administrative Assistant at the University of London Institute in Paris

After growing up off the French coast in the Channel Islands, my undergraduate and postgraduate studies (UCL, Oxford) brought me to France. I was posted to La Sorbonne for a year to teach English as part of a university transfer and, following this, was grateful to be offered a position at ULIP.

The Franco-British microcosm—itself offering what I term “Monument Bingo” from its classrooms— offered a perfect compromise between my background in London at a University of London Member Institution, and the benefits of living and experiencing France first-hand: something that I’m sure our students enjoy too! I look forward to meeting and working with our students, helping them to navigate and make the most of such a unique experience.

Paris is the perfect city for unapologetic aimless wandering from one neighbourhood to another, discovering hidden gems, and dipping in and out of restaurants and cafés along the way.