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Admissions Policy

Our Admissions Policy follows those of the University of London and Queen Mary University of London. 

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Admissions Policy

Our Admissions Policy follows those of the University of London and Queen Mary University of London. 

Fair Admissions Statement

At the University of London Institute in Paris we are committed to operating an admissions process which is demonstrably fair, transparent, professional and underpinned by appropriate and robust institutional structures. Admissions decisions are based on merit, irrespective of social background.

In support of fair admissions, ULIP strives to:

  • ensure that admissions decisions are based on an applicant's achievements and potential
  • embed fair admissions processes of the University of London across the University of London Institute in Paris to ensure equality of educational opportunity regardless of the social background of applicants
  • promote admissions processes that enable the fair and equitable treatment of each individual applicant without either direct or indirect discrimination
  • give full consideration to applications
  • guarantee that admissions decisions are consistent and that each stage of the admissions process is carried out with honesty and integrity by appropriate staff with relevant and up-to-date knowledge and expertise
  • in the case of undergraduate applications, create parity of esteem between GCE A-level and other pre-HE qualification routes and fully recognise a wide range of international, access-based, and vocationally-related qualifications, and other indicators of potential
  • ensure the effective operation of the admissions process
  • make explicit the criteria by which admissions decisions are made
  • encourage and support applicants from diverse backgrounds by minimising procedural and financial obstacles to entry
  • clearly document admissions decisions

Equal Opportunities

The University of London Institute in Paris is determined to ensure equal opportunities and adheres to the University of London’s Equality, diversity and inclusion policies.

Under 18s Policy

All ULIP students are currently aged 18 or above, and the academic life and social environment of the Institute reflect this. We recognise that some individuals may meet entry requirements for the BA in French Studies and be in a position to commence their university studies at the age of 16 or 17. However, we will not normally consider applications from people below the age of 16.

Applicants who will be under 18 years of age on the published start date of the programme, and their parents and guardians, must confirm to the Institute as a condition of registration:

  • that they understand the nature of the Institute and the course, the circumstances in which the individual would be studying and living, and the limitations of the Institute’s supervisory role
  • that the contractual arrangements for the individual to study at ULIP are underwritten by a qualified person of adult status
  • that arrangements would be in place to support the individual in an emergency, including the existence of a qualified person in France willing to act as guardian
  • that the individual will obey the restrictions that English and French law places on minors

The Institute strongly recommends that applicants who would be under 17 years of age on entry consider carefully whether they would be able to benefit fully from the educational and social opportunities which are on offer. We would also draw their attention to the fact that they may encounter difficulties with certain logistics such as securing accommodation.

Admissions Complaints

We sincerely hope that there will be no cause for complaint, but should you wish to raise a complaint about the way in which your application has been administered, please contact the Head of ULIP Student and Academic Services directly.

Claire Miller-Bersoullé
Head of Student and Academic Services
University of London Institute in Paris
9-11 rue de Constantine
75340 Paris
Cedex 07