Institute in Paris

Our welcoming Student Services team is here to advise and guide you along your path to finding accommodation in Paris to help you settle into this vibrant city, and make Paris your new home.

There are numerous options on offer, ranging from living with resident landlords, private studio flats, halls of residence or shared flats. Not only do we have partnerships with private halls of residence and connections with specialised accommodation agencies in Paris, but we can also act as guarantor for students enrolled on ULIP programmes to help them secure accommodation with private landlords. All students can also apply to receive housing benefit (CAF) from the French government (more information below).

ULIP offers an option for those who are considering halls, where you will be accompanied throughout the process. We have a block booking with Nexity Vivaldi whereby students can apply and sign a rental contract via ULIP and benefit from fully furnished flats with private bathroom and kitchen. This option is relatively more expensive than other options as everything is included. The number of booked flats varies year on year and is usually limited up to 30 flats. Priority is given to new undergraduate students.

All of our students receive a comprehensive list of resources to assist them with their search and our dedicated Student Services team as well as the Students’ Union are there to provide advice and guidance every step of the way.


Generally, the cost of living in Paris vary depending on the accommodation location and type. On average, our students pay in the region of 700 euros per month for their accommodation, but some students do not pay any rent at all as they work in exchange for free accommodation, while others pay 1200 euros per month to live in an exclusive area.

Nexity Studéa

ULIP offers a hassle-free option for those who are considering halls. Our block booking with Nexity Studéa Vivaldi allows students to apply and sign the rental contract via ULIP.

Where to live

Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements (corresponding to the last two digits of the postcode – for example 75007 is the seventh arrondissement). Like any city, some areas are more expensive than others.

Researching online or asking current students on our Facebook group for advice on specific areas of Paris is a good way to decide where you would like to live. It is also sensible to check out local transport links (nearest Métro or RER station or bus route), to make sure that travelling to ULIP will be convenient and that you can explore the city easily and safely.

Housing benefit

The French Government grants housing benefit, administered by the Caisse d’allocations familiales (CAF), to students who pay rent (including for a room in a Hall of residence, a hostel, in a family home or flat-share).

Students may find the application process off-putting but “CAF” is well worth applying for as most students are eligible for between 112€ and 206€ per month depending on the type of accommodation and the area. You cannot get housing benefit for the first month’s rent and payments will not be backdated to the start of the lease if you apply late so make sure you apply promptly after the start of your contract. The Student Services team will provide detailed guidelines to students during Induction week to help them with the application process.

Accommodation Guide

Useful information and resources including; an explanation of how leases, deposits and service charges work in France and how ULIP can act as guarantor.

Download the accommodation guide